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  1. katyPlease oh please write mtillpue letters. And call. A lot. Call your local officials, your state senator, your state rep, your US rep, Stabenow, the PHMSA, and all the rest. And don’t stop until they acknowledge you. I know it is demoralizing to be repeatedly ignored and dismissed, but it’s important.If you’re a landowner who can’t get an agreement, call a lawyer. Call your state senator’s office too. Call the Governor’s office. You can get help on these specific issues.As for the larger issues at hand, Stabenow’s office actually told me that they aren’t hearing from MIchiganders on this subject. The Governor’s office told me that it’s not their issue. It’s disheartening, but neither response will stop me from bugging them. They need to know that people want them to DO something. But they also need to know what you want them to do they can’t figure it out on their own. Draw them a picture if you have to.For instance, you can tell them that you want them to at least ask some simple questions. Why can’t Enbridge make this line safer? Why can’t Enbridge pledge to go above and beyond the regulations, like they promised to do on Northern Gateway? Tell them that you want someone to ask Enbridge why they ignore local ordinances (like Howell’s) when their Social Responsibility Policy pledges to do otherwise. Tell them that you’d like someone to ask Enbridge why they are in such a hurry. Ask them why Enbridge gets to saddle Michigan with a pipeline that is designed to carry plain old crude when it will be carrying an ever-increasing volume of DilBit. Tell them that you’d like someone to ask Enbridge why Michigan should let them transport DilBit across its greatest resources when they’ve proven themselves incapable of doing it responsibly. Ask them if they’ve read the full NTSB report on the Marshall investigation. Tell them that you’d like to know why Enbridge contractors who were hired to CLEAN up the Marshall spill actually COVERED it up (with rocks, and sand, and canvas, and grass).The new Line 6B is going to happen. I prefer to be pragmatic about it because I know that hysterics and emotion won’t win anyone over. But if we present these very reasonable questions to our officials those who are supposed to protect our interests and rights and safety I believe that we have a better chance of getting some answers. The best thing to do is to make a lot of noise. We should nag our officials, tell them that we need someone to hold Enbridge to a higher standard. Tell them that you’re paying attention. Tell them that when another spill happens in Michigan history will show which side they were on.

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