Photo Contest for SURF Great Lakes Whale Watching Shirt

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WHALE WATCHING ACTION 2SURF Great Lakes is now hosting a photo contest for a free SURF Great Lakes Whale Watching T-shirt!

While you’re out enjoying the lakes, snap a photo, post it to FacebookInstagram or Twitter tagging @SURFGreatLakes and explain why you want to protect the Lakes. On August 1st, I’ll post all the photos here and we’ll put them to a vote. After a week of voting, the photo with the most votes will win a SURF Great Lakes Whale Watching T-shirt and a SURF Great Lakes sticker.

About the shirts: Have you ever witnessed someones first visit to one of the Lakes? You likely enjoyed their shock and amazement at the vast freshwater seas, with fun questions like the one I received from my cousin: “are you sure there are no sharks in there?” 

This ironic shirt is meant to be a conversation starter that also pokes some fun at those Great Lakes newbies. My hope is that you take advantage of that second glance or the questions from admirers by sharing your love for the Great Lakes and why we all need to protect them.

Some fun facts about whales in the Great Lakes:

Whale bones have been found all across Michigan, even bones from sperm whales.

There’s a Whale Watching Society where you can post fun photos of whale sightings in the Great Lakes.




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