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Bravo Illinois – First microbead ban in the U.S.

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Congratulations Illinois for not only being the first Great Lakes state to ban microbead manufacturing, but also the first state in the U.S.!

Illinois state lawmakers have ordered a ban on the manufacturing of microbeads in consumer products by the end of 2017

This success is due, in large part, because of the work from 5 Gyres and the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Thank you!

The good news does not stop there. It also appears that the public pressure and attention around this issue has put major brands, like Johnson & Johnson, in the hot seat. They are now working to find alternatives for microbeads, but our advice is to ditch these brands altogether. If they were thoughtless enough to think microbeads were a good idea, then who knows what the “alternatives” might look like… Here’s a great list of the brands and products that contain these tiny beads, which are causing a big problem for our Great Lakes. 

Also, 5 Gyres has made an app for that – search Beat The Microbead to download a free app which allows you to scan a product to see if it contains microbeads. 

Lastly, incase you missed it, this UPWorthy Video highlights some brands you can trust: 


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