Stop now! Your face and body wash is likely a biohazard.

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This summer I was shocked to learn that several cosmetic products in my household were contributing to a major problem to our Great Lakes and to our health. It turns out that many body and face scrubs have “micro-beads” promising cleaner and fresher skin – come to find out, those micro-beads are now adding up to a massive threat to the health of our great lakes ecosystem.

NPR repors:

Millions of tiny beads that look a lot like fish food

A team of scientists spent the last two summers trawling the Great Lakes looking for “micro-plastic” pollution.

“Eighty percent of the plastics that we pulled out of the Great Lakes in 2012 were little particles that were less than a millimeter in diameter,” said environmental chemist Sherri Mason.“And 60 percent of those were these perfectly round spherical beads of plastic, and those are the ones we suspect are coming from these consumer products like facial washes, bodywashes, toothpaste.”

You can also check out this video from 5 Gyres:

After you’ve properly disposed of all your micro-bead cosmetic products and vowed never to buy any others again, please consider signing this petition to ban them all together. Oh, and share this post!



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